Hi everyone we are

Zippy Toys!

Our passion is inspiring kids to use their imagination and creativity through playing with toys. In a world full of technology, it’s nice to take a break and let kids be kids and see where they’re imagination will take them.

Our Story

Once upon a time, there was a family that had a deep love for toys. They believed that toys were not just objects for children to play with, but were also instruments for fostering creativity, imagination, and learning. This family had a dream of creating a store where children and adults could come and explore a world of toys that would inspire them and bring joy to their lives.


Over 20 years ago, the family opened their first toy store in near Midway airport. The store was a modest space, but it was filled with an array of toys that catered to the interests of every child. From classic board games to the latest action figures, the store was a haven for kids and parents alike. The family’s passion for toys and their commitment to providing the best customer service quickly made the store a local favorite.


As the years went by, the family expanded their business and opened more toy stores across different malls in the area. Their stores became known for their wide selection of high-quality toys and their welcoming atmosphere. They hired staff who shared their enthusiasm for toys and believed in the importance of play. The family’s dedication to their business was reflected in their happy customers.


As the family’s business grew, so did their sense of responsibility to their community. They began supporting local schools and charities, donating toys and funds to those in need. The last three years they were apart of a grand celebration during the Christmas holiday in the local community with the Alderman.


Today, Zippy Toys is the face of the brand and with that is a renewed passion for toys for all ages and a great customer experience. Their stores are still run by the family and their commitment to quality, creativity, and play remains at the heart of everything they do. The family’s story is a testament to the power of passion, hard work, and a deep love for toys!